What is PR about?

A lot of students at this time of year are making their choices of what university to go to and what they should study. There are a vast array of subjects that universities offer that students coming from school or college may not be aware of or don’t know what’s involved in them. Public Relations is a subject with so many interpretations that it is hard to pin down what it is actually all about! The next series of blogs are here to help students to understand what PR is, what it involves and provide some insight into the industry.

The purpose of Public Relations

Promoting, protecting and managing reputation” – Mike Love, (2015)

PR gives organisations the chance to create memorable events, bridge gaps between them and their target audiences and manage a crisis as well as educate and inform the public.

PR has many interpretations due to the variation in people it serves:


Businesses aim to gain more profit and become sustainable


Want policy to improve the effectiveness of government for their people


Want to spread awareness of their cause and gain donations


Seek better employment in terms of reward recognition and advancement

And many more….

PR’s purpose here is to help all of these people and organisations to achieve these objectives.

In this era, it’s also necessary to highlight the importance of utilising social media in PR. Sites like Facebook and Twitter are great avenues to get the word out about your organisation and its successes. By showing past successes it helps to build a relationship of trust between you, the client and potential customers.

If you think PR is something you want to know more about, head down to Southampton Solent University for our next open day on 28th November! You can book your place here.


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