Measurement and Evaluation

While some might think of measurement and valuation as boring, others are waking up to realise that it is the heart and soul of PR. It’s the PROOF that what we do adds value, changes behaviour and can be an amazing force for good.

Evaluation and measurement are continually evolving.  Here’s a new source that we didn’t find until after the #ebookinaday event.

The PR Professional’s Definitive Guide to Measurement, produced by AMEC, the PRCA and the ICCO. What’s great is that it will be updated regularly every six months. It’s one way to keep on top of how agencies are actually applying the new VMM and the Barcelona Principles in practice.

Watch this space too for the AMEC Measurement Week running from the 15th to the 19th of September 2014 . This is supported by the CIPR, ICCO and PRCA.

If you are an agency or PR professional who uses the latest techniques, then join our list by commenting in the box below.  Our students want to work for the best companies in the world- so if you are differentiating yourselves by your commitment to more professional measurement and evaluation, help others find out about that fact by joining our list.


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