Third Year Students Pitch Their Campaigns

On Wednesday 16th March, third year students from the Public Relations course presented their campaigns they have been working on for clients in and around the Southampton area.

All of the groups were of an excellent standard and made a definitive change to the public reach for each of the not for profit organisations they were enlisted to help.

The first group, Four by Four had been working with the charity Relate Solent & Winchester which is a charity that helps people who are going through tough relationships and divorces. As per request from the client, this group were not permitted to use Social Media as part of their campaign. With Social Media being such a prominent feature for many people’s campaigns, it was interesting to see how this group promoted their cause without this sector and went back to more traditional routes.

Up next was Paragon, with their sleek and modern style of presentation, this group showed the work they have been doing for Hampshire based Homeless support charity Society of St James. Paragon’s objectives led them to an innovative campaign; #giveapenny. This campaign targets students and their loose change, encouraging them to collect and donate what they have to the charity. The client commented that since this campaign began, the charity has had more traffic in all of its websites and a steady increase in donations. This is a great result and it’s wonderful to hear that our students work is making a substantial difference to these companies!

Third on the bill was Pistachio, this group was enlisted to help out local charity SoCo Music Project. This is a charity that helps young people learn and explore their musical talent and leads them to get involved in workshops and other events. The group’s passion for music was clear to see and it was obvious why they were a great match for this client. Their aim was to raise awareness of the charity and using a variety of resources, raise they did! It was obvious that there was a good communication between the client and the team in order to produce some excellent quality work.

Last but most definitely not least was Team Quaternate. This team’s client was the PR_SSU brand itself. Working alongside course leader Sally Holland, this team has put together a strong marketing campaign for the public relations course in order to encourage prospective students to join the course. Alongside initial research, the team went to two taster sessions held at the University in order to engage with prospective students, explain the course and discover what prospective students would be interested in should they choose to study at Solent. Again there was great feedback from the client and it was clear that their work has made a difference to the promotion of the course.

This event was an excellent showcase of all of the third year student’s efforts throughout their campaigns and all of their clients have come away happy with the progress and new connections have been made which will help for future employment!

PR_SSU would once again like to thank all of the organisations that have been involved in this project, we couldn’t have done it without you and the students have learnt a significant amount from you.


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