Solent PR Student of the Month: Macauly Nesbitt

Welcome to the last Solent PR Student of the Month of 2015! Can you believe it?! For December’s interview, I had a chat with first year student Macauly Nesbitt. Read on to hear all about his passion for fashion PR…

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Macauley Nesbitt

Can you talk a bit about what you’ve learned on the PR course so far? 

Since being at Solent I have learned about the basics of PR, talking about the different aspects of a PR campaign, the different steps of building a campaign and how to tailor it to a corporation, person or outlet and how to suit it to their particular public. We have also touched on things like events management, crisis management, media relations and reflective practice. We have also been looking at interpersonal communications and the models of perspective, touching on how people communicate in the real world through things like the Johari window.

When did your interest in fashion come about? What led you to want to combine it with PR?

I have always maintained an interest in fashion, but it really became an important part in my life in college when I started studying fashion and textile design, however before this I’d never considered it as a subject to study in college until I had met with a careers advisor who recommended it to me when I was confused about what I want to do, I had actually applied for catering, performing arts, business management and fine arts. At this time I was already working for Next as a sales advisor but id only been there about a year. While on the course I had intended to go into formal fashion design, however on discussing my options for HE education with my lecturers at the time, they suggested PR to me because I was “too nice to go into the fashion design industry” and they had seen my organisational and people skills through events I had assisted in planning through the two years, as well as my administrative and PA work experience I had done for lecturers in the department, so I began looking into the PR industry and quite simply fell in love with the profession.

Can you talk a bit about the PR sector(s) you’re thinking of going into in the future?

Before starting the PR course at Solent I wanted to go into fashion or celebrity PR however after learning about the industry I want to do it all! All the sectors have something I like, so unfortunately all I know is I want to do PR but I’m not entirely sure which sector to chose because there are so many.

What would you say to anyone who, like you, has an interest in fashion and PR and is interested in coming to Solent?

if I met someone who had similar interests like me and wanted to come to Solent, I’d tell them to do it, definitely do it; the lecturers are amazing, the course is amazing and the university is amazing. I love how important the work experience is here and how you get out into the industry as early as your first year; it gives you experience and a taste for the industry straight away which, in my opinion, is what a university student need.

Can you summarise your time at Solent so far in 3 words? 

Amazing.             Unforgettable.              Challenging.


What a lovely post to end the year with! Thank you, Macauley. A very Merry Christmas to all the PR students and lecturers at Solent, see you in the new year!

Solent PR Editor


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