Life After Solent

Recently, we have been catching up with our 2015 PR graduates to find out how they are getting on in the massive industry that is Public Relations.

After graduating with a First Class Honours, Paige Hiley found herself a Junior Account Executive position at London and Bristol based agency Speed Communications. We caught up with Paige to find out how she is enjoying her time in her new role.


Paige Hiley

Day to Day life

“My day is always different, so I couldn’t give you a direct answer as to what it is I do because I do a lot! I have six key clients that I work with including IAMS, Eukanuba, Olbas and Jakemans. However, the office team is so close and happy to help each other that we regularly take on roles with other company clients in order to achieve high quality results; such clients as Shloer, Heinz, Remington, Celtic Manor and Russell Hobbs.”

“As a Junior Account Executive I have a lot of responsibilities surrounding reporting and coverage updates, these are really key roles that help monitor our progress and also show the client in a physical form how we are selling in their products. Selling in stories is a massive role I take on, the first phone call you make to a journalist is the most nerve racking but I tell you what, you get used to it and learn how to speak to the journalist in a way you are able to hook them into the conversation. I have already got a number of key journalist contacts that I know I can go to with a story and gain coverage from. I remember gaining my first piece of key consumer coverage within and it was literally one of the best feelings. All of those hours selling in was worth it and seeing the results made me know that what I was doing was working and I was just genuinely chuffed with myself. The team were really pleased as well to see this sort of coverage for our client and It has been my biggest achievement so far. I have also gained numerous pieces within trade publications but I think that because I gained coverage in a publication that I personally read, it just seemed a little bit more exciting.”

Paige’s responsibilities don’t stop there! A Junior Account Executive is very busy and also has to look after:

  • Weekly Reporting
  • Monthly Reporting
  • Coverage Reports
  • Sell Backs
  • Feautre Writing
  • Advertorial Writing
  • Social Media monitoring

And much more!

Paige’s Best Bits

“I would say my favourite responsibility is writing the content because I have always loved writing and since joining the team I have been able to learn how to use my tone of adaption skills to direct content to specific publications like trade and consumer and specific audiences like pet owners and health and beauty audiences.”

So What’s Next?

“Some exciting things for the next few months, we have a lot of new sell ins in the run up to Christmas, which I’m looking forward to driving. We also have some great new product launches and exciting projects taking part next year.”

What Paige Thinks Of Her Job

“One thing I love about working at Speed Communications is their diverse nature in developing strategies. No project is the same, no client is the same, they know what the client wants and we come up with extraordinary ideas on how to achieve it. No idea is the same and no client is the same. Knowing your client is key and since working here, I know for sure that Speed Communications understand their clients more than anything.”

If you want to know more about what are graduates are getting up to and want to learn more about the PR industry then check back to the Solent PR blog for updates!

Clare Allan



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