The Canadian Girl Invades

Ever been to Canada?! Well I can tell you first hand, if you have never visited Canada you need to go at some stage in your life.

I’m Madison and, as you probably have gathered, I am from Canada studying here at Southampton Solent University in the new accelerated public relations BA program!
I am the first to be doing a program like this, basically I am the guinea pig, or the face if you would, of this new program!

This new program is amazing and I am beyond excited that I have been chosen to be the first student accepted into this program. I basically do all the same work and lectures that the three year student have, but I have a full time paid placement every month and a half. So I am in class for a few weeks then I am working for 8 weeks….whilst still keeping up with lectures and projects. The whole idea is that I am given time at work to work on projects and will have guidance from my employers and will base some project on clients they actually have. By the time I am done with university, I will come out with 44 weeks of paid work experience and a degree!

Now to something a little more interesting….ME.

As I said I am from Canada, Toronto, I lived there for about five years. I attended Ryerson University for Radio and Television Broadcasting, I only completed two years until I decided it wasn’t for me….I had my eyes set on another dream.

Ever since I was 12 I wanted to move to the big city and become an actress… of course when I say big city I meant New York City… but Toronto was a cleaner, smaller NYC and I loved it.

I did some acting while in University, mostly student films, but it really made me realize I loved it and I need to give it a full chance so I wouldn’t look back and think “What if I’d tried”.

I started working at an acting studio last year, doing administrative work, handling some of the social media for the studio, assisting with camera work and editing videos. This is when the light bulb went off, what about being a publicist or working in PR.

There were schools in Canada that I could have gone to that would have been a great choice for my future in PR. What got me to look into universities in the United Kingdom was a guy… My boyfriend is studying in Oxford and I wanted a change, start a new adventure, be with the guy I love and get an education.

I think everything happens for a reason, if I hadn’t been with my boyfriend I may never had looked into universities abroad and I never would have found this amazing, new, exciting program!

I am very excited to start my new life here in the UK and be the first student in the Accelerated Public Relations program at Solent University!

I will be helping Livi with the blog, posting once in awhile and maybe next year take over for her!

Live long and prosper


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