Third year student, Livi Wilkes, contributes chapter to PRstack 2

The new edition of PRstack,  a crowd-sourced catalog of public relations tools and ho-to guides, was published on Thursday (1st October) and Solent PR final year student, Livi Wilkes, (also the Editor of this blog!) wrote a chapter on ‘Using WordPress to build a personal portfolio’.

PRstack, created by Stephen Waddington and Prezly, is a book full of how-to guides to PR and Marketing tools written by students such as Livi, as well as PR practitioners and academics.

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The book is available as a free e-book as well as a print copy – find both versions here!

PRstack 1 and 2 are both very valuable to PR students looking to widen their knowledge on PR tools, gaining a better insight in to the world of PR. Impress potential work experience/job employers on your understanding of tools from TweetDeck, to WordPress, to Iris!

Solent PR Editor


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