#Ebookinaday: Curating Content to Engage

While we are preparing the publication of this year’s #Ebookinaday, we want to tease you with some insights to our work on that day. A couple of weeks ago, you have already read about the power of visual content, now we want to present you possibilities to curate content.

We spoke to Susanna Ising, Master student and the chapter’s teamleader.

So, what exactly was your chapter about?

In our chapter we dealt with paper.li and Flipboard, two websites where the software is supporting you in finding content you might like on the web. Under the motto “Curating Content to Engage” we created one account each and tried to find out, which of both would work better to promote the Solent PR course.

Photo by Richard Berry

Photo by Richard Berry

How did the day go for you and your team?

We were only a team of three – not a high number compared to other teams! However, on that day I made one of the most positive group work experiences I have ever made in my life. We all worked together and in the end we were able to submit a chapter we really look forward to seeing in the eBook!

What are you taking away from that day?

I guess primarily the positive group work experience, but also the fact that even the most chaotic project can turn out well at the end of the day. It was really impressing to see so many different students working together on one project with one goal in mind: being co-authors of an eBook!

Group Selfie!

Group Selfie!

Thank you, Susanna, Megi and Natalie!

We are looking forward to the publication!


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