PR Strategy & Campaign Planning: Pristine PR

The 3rd years are nearing the end of their degree and last week they did their final presentations showcasing the work for their PR Strategy and Campaign Planning Unit in which they had three months to create a campaign for a real life client.

In the next 3 blog posts, you’ll see an insight into how three of the groups, Prism PR, Pristine PR and Gecko Communications, carried out their campaigns, their clients and their personal highlights of the unit.

In this blog post, I spoke to Pristine PR – Helen Cummings, Chloe Attwood, Olivia Farrell and Emily Kerr – about their client, Solent PR.

Emily said: “Solent PR was our client and our brief was to ‘create a PR campaign aimed at prospective students for BA(Hons) PR & Comms whilst promoting a career in public relations.’

As a result we created numerous outputs such as a 9-page mailshot, 2 infographics and business cards as well as creating and delivering 2 workshops. One was at the Solent Open Day and the other was at Hamble Sports College where we went into a year 10 English class. The workshops were fun and interactive and included things such as ‘what is PR?’, some of our favourite/most successful PR campaigns and we also gave them a brief where they had to come up with a new sports drink with 3 key features and present it to us (a sports magazine)

We had great feedback from our workshops and the school said they would love for us to go in and speak to other year groups too.”
Click on the links below to see some of the resources Pristine PR made for this campaign:
Solent PR Editor

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