PR Strategy & Campaign Planning: Prism PR

The 3rd years are nearing the end of their degree and last week they did their final presentations showcasing the work for their PR Strategy and Campaign Planning Unit in which they had three months to create a campaign for a real life client.
In the next 3 blog posts, you’ll see an insight into how three of the groups, Prism PR, Pristine PR and Gecko Communications, carried out their campaigns, their clients and their personal highlights of the unit.
In this post I spoke to Prism PR – Paige Hiley, Mathilde Trouillet, Stephanie Harris, Sophie Santandrea and Natalie Smith – about their campaign for Hamble Lifeboat.

Paige said: “We had a period of three months to put what we had researched, planned and constructed for the client into use, so we actually got to ‘do the campaign’ which was great because we often get to plan the campaign but not actually do it!

We chose Hamble Lifeboat because their main issue was they needed to distance themselves from the RNLI and make people aware that they are an independent lifeboat station that needs roughly £30,000 a year of funding just to keep the operation alive. After we met the clients and visited the station, we knew that we wanted to share their stories regarding the jobs. make a personal connection between the community and the volunteers so people understand what it takes to volunteer and understand why they do it.
We had several client meetings, we visited the life boat station a few times and hired in an external film crew on a voluntary basis to help us to create what we produced a promo video and a documentary video – we also created website biographies and new social media accounts as well as a press pack so they could continue to publicise the content – but our main drive was the videos: we wanted people to see them ‘put a face to a name’ and hear what they had to say.”
Here is the documentary video that Prism PR made, and can also be found on Hamble Lifeboat’s website.
I hope the last few blog posts have given you an insight into the interactive PR skills we learn at Solent (and a heads up to our 1st and 2nd years to what you guys will be doing soon!) Well done 3rd years, great job! 🙂
Solent PR Editor

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