PR Strategy & Campaign Planning: Gecko Communications

The 3rd years are nearing the end of their degree and last week they did their final presentations showcasing the work for their PR Strategy and Campaign Planning Unit in which they had three months to create a campaign for a real life client.

In the next 3 blog posts, you’ll see an insight into how three of the groups, Prism PR, Pristine PR and Gecko Communications, carried out their campaigns, their clients and their personal highlights of the unit.

For this blog post, I spoke with Gecko Communications – Gigi Mann, Stephanie Massie, Rebecca Heneghan and Natasha Freeman – who created a campaign for Carers in Southampton.

The team said: “We chose Carers in Southampton as our client as we liked what the charity represents and the good service they provide to the community, Carers in Southampton is a service for anyone who gives up there time to look after a family member or friend who needs additional help with their day-to-day life. 
“In order to raise awareness of carers in Southampton we created the ‘reaching out campaign’. We started by creating an engagement strategy which was a guide for Carers in Southampton as to how they can reach their target audience through offline and online methods. We then designed poster and newsletter templates that embed the Carers in Southampton corporate identity to be used by the team. Lastly, we shot and edited a promotional video which gives some information on the service and will be placed on the Carers in Southampton website.
Our favourite part of the campaign was shooting the promotional video as we got to meet a lovely carer who is in the video and hear about his story.”
Watch Gecko Communication’s promo video for Carers in Southampton here!
Solent PR Editor

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