Guest Speaker: Anastasia Psarra, Cerub PR

This week, the 2nd years welcomed guest speaker Anastasia Psarra, from Cerub PR based in Buckinghamshire, who shared her tips on getting work experience in PR. Anastasia graduated from the Solent PR course in 2013 and is now Senior Account Executive at Cerub.

Anastasia’s tips whilst on placement:

  • Become an active member of the team whilst on work placement
    • “There is nothing worse than a temporary member of staff who acts like it.”
  • Ask for feedback
    • E.g, on writing Press Releases or a Feature, or about talking to clients.
  • Show an interest in the organisation
    • “It’s surprising how many people come for interviews and haven’t even looked at our website!”

Anastasia’s tips for working in PR:

“If you can’t write well you can’t work in the PR field”

  • Effective press releases:
    • include summary in first line of press release
    • be concise – no more than an A4 page
    • remember – a press release is a useful background document, not a story

Anastasia’s tips on how to behave when working in PR:

  • Be proactive
  • Be approachable
  • Be professional
  • Take responsibility
  • Work until the job is done!

Thank you, Anastasia, for coming in to talk to us! You can follow Anastasia on Twitter here!


One response to “Guest Speaker: Anastasia Psarra, Cerub PR

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:

    Last summer I did an interview with Ceri-Jane Hackling, from Cerub PR, and yesterday Anastasia Psarra from Cerub came to my university and spoke to us about tips and advice for our upcoming work placements. I did a recap of Anastasia’s talk on the Solent PR blog 🙂

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