Solent PR Student of the Month: Chloe Attwood

The Easter holidays are nearly over and all of the Solent PR students are preparing for their assignment deadlines over the next couple of weeks, but it’s the 3rd years that have the most to do! This month, I spoke to Chloe Attwood who’s nearing the end of her PR degree, read on to find out what she’s up to and her advice for new PR students!
Chloe Attwood, 3rd year Solent PR Student

Chloe Attwood, 3rd year Solent PR Student

You must be a really busy 3rd year at the moment! What assignments are you doing? 
You are certainly right – us 3rd years are super busy (and slightly stressed) at the moment. Currently I have three assignments on my to do list. They are internal communications, where we have to create a mock up and critically analyse it. We also are still working on our PR strategy presentations and group assignments, where we will be pitching to our live clients next Wednesday, giving them an overview of our campaign.  And we also have our 10,000 word dissertations due in at the beginning of May so i’m spending a lot of my time in the library at the moment!
Have you got any plans for after you graduate? 
I am yet to have any plans that are certain, but I am planning on moving back home (to Northamptonshire) and work in London, hopefully in a digital or B2b Tech PR agency.
How would you say your work placements last summer and your 1 day a week internship at Napier PR has benefited you?
Working one day a week and for the past two summers have really benefited me. When going for interviews, I believe it really does give me the edge over my competition. It makes me stand out, which is what you need when the job market is tough. So I’d really advise any one whose interested in PR to get as much experience as possible.
What has been the highlight of your time at Solent?
I’ve had a lot of great experiences whilst studying at Solent. I’d say that winning Best Group Pitch for Cooper Vision in my second year stands out to me because it really simulated what PR is like in the ‘real world’. It involved creating a memorable pitch and was really nerve racking at the time, but  by winning best pitch it gave me the confidence to work with real life clients such as Love Support Unite and Age UK.
As a student who’s nearly spent 3 years studying PR at Solent, what would your advice be to people thinking of applying?

I’d definitely recommend attending an open day at Solent. Personally, I knew as soon as walked in the main reception I wanted to study PR here. And by attending an open day I was able to see what the course was really like. I also met Sally Holland and was able to ask here questions about the course. After visting the open day I had to make my UCAS application stand out and I think things like work experience and volunteering helped me do that. If your passionate about PR, Solent is the place for you!

Thank you Chloe, and good luck with your final assignments at Solent!

Solent PR Editor


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