#ebookinaday: Show, don’t tell. The Power of Visual Content

One of the chapters of our #ebookinaday this year was about visual content. With visuals being processed in our brain about 60.000 times faster than text, images, infographics and videos are a powerful tool for PR. The team consisted of PR undergraduates Charlotte Heeney and Catherine Butcher, Erasmus students Sanne Villemoes and Vanessa Sumpmann and MA student Friederike Rummenhohl as teamleader.

The concept was to compare the two main platforms for images, namely Pinterest and Instagram, for their possibility of engagement. Within the frame of the International Women’s Day, we chose to post pictures of our #womenspiration – women that inspired us – to both platforms and then measure which one would get more engagement. We encouraged followers and friends to post their pictures of their #womenspiration, be it celebrities, mothers or friends.

Photo by Richard Berry

Working on the infographic (Photo by Richard Berry)

While some of our team members were out taking pictures, the others were busy tweeting to professionals about their tips and advices for visual content, working on the infographic or encouraging engagement. As you know, time flies when you have fun, and it became quite stressful to write down our experiences at the end of the day. After the wind up at 4pm, to which everyone gathered again, we were tired, but very proud of us (well deserved, ladies!).

Busy, but happy! (Photo by Richard Berry)

Here’s what some of the team members hat to say about that day:


Ebook in a day was an unbelievable fun, hectic and instructive day! I really enjoyed to see how passionate and creative people were!



It was great to work on eBook on a day again and throw myself into the tasks. It was a really interesting and engaging experience!


If you would like to know who won in our “competition”, stay tuned for the ebook to be published (you didn’t expect us to tell you everything, did you?) which is planned for the end of April. Until then, we can give you a little hint, though: Think about creation vs. curation…


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