#ebookinaday: Crowdsourcing Content to Produce Something Awesome!

Chapter 4 of this year’s e-book was dedicated to Crowdsourcing! The team was made up of 3rd year PR students, Chloe Attwood, Emily Kerr, Olivia Farrell and post-graduate student, Casper Nielson and they were managed by Steven Woodgate, Windows Phone Marketing Manager at Microsoft and previous Public Relations MA student from Southampton Solent (who you can read an interview with here!)

About The Chapter

Team member, Chloe Attwood, said:

“The main concept of crowdsourcing is to focus on User Generated Content (UGC). The chapter was aimed specifically at students of Southampton Solent University and we decided to aim it at students by using a social media channel many students are familiar with  – Snapchat. This was done by using several Snapchat accounts and asking students (through other social media platforms such as the Facebook Solent PR society and the E-book in a day Facebook page) to send photos of themselves around campus to be featured in a music video. The music for the video used was by another Solent Student, Kieran Reed, who you can follow on Twitter here!

ebook 2

Why did we choose to make it?

“We were all inspired by a Crowdsourcing video showed to us by Steven. He had recently helped create a video for Clean Bandit when Clean Bandit and Microsoft teamed up and asked six influential YouTubers to make a creative music video.

This gave us the idea to do something similar – but just using Solent students. After we created our own music video we wanted to get more users involved and challenged other universities to do the same. This could eventually go viral if other institutions did the same!”

Here is the finished Snapchat video!

Well done, Crowdsourcing team!

You can find the girls’ blogs here; Chloe Attwood, Olivia Farrell and Emily Kerr.

Solent PR Editor 


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