Solent PR Student of the Month: Becca Shand

Welcome to March’s Solent PR Student of the Month! Can you believe its March already?! This month, I spoke to 2nd year student, Becca Shand, about the work placements she’s organised for the summer, her blog and her advice for future PR students…


How’s 2nd year going so far?

“It’s going great! I was overwhelmed at first but writing to-do lists has helped me stay on top of my work. My favourite unit at the moment is Employability; we’re making an online portfolio about ourselves, our experiences and out career aspirations. We’ve also just started thinking about our dissertations for next year which is daunting but exciting!”

2nd years are all doing work placements this summer, have you secured your placements yet?

“My first placement is at a PR agency, Carswell Gould, in Southampton and my tasks will involve meeting and greeting clients and generating ideas of campaigns as well as researching story angles. I’m most excited to gain experience in a PR agency, especially with helping organise events. My second placement is with the communications department of the Police in Kidlington where I’ll be writing content for the Force website as well as meeting with designers and photographers for their upcoming projects and campaigns.”

What PR sector would you like to go into after graduating?

“I’ve been undecided for a while but after more research into all the sectors I decided the Entertainment sector is the most appealing to me. I’ve always been interested in TV and films, so I can combine my passion for that with PR! My dream job is to have my own Entertainment PR agency…I’d love to work with the Kardashians!”

You’re an active blogger, do you think this will be beneficial when applying for jobs/placements etc?

“I decided to set up my blog because I enjoy being able to write to express my own thoughts and ideas in an informal way. I think this will be useful when applying for jobs and placements so they can see my writing style and my individuality as well as my passion for PR. My blogs been featured 3 times on Behind the Spin’s #bestPRblogs so I hope to keep this up.”

What would you say to future Solent PR students?

My 3 tips would be:

1. Write to-do lists and be organised

2. Organise work experiences early and don’t leave it to the last minute

3. Filter your social media sites! Potential employers will definitely look at them

Thank you, Becca! You can find Becca’s blog here!

Solent PR Editor


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