Work Placement Advice from Paige Hiley, Solent PR 3rd Year Student

Our Solent PR 3rd years are currently having the busiest time of their university lives so far, but Paige Hiley took some time to share how she went about getting her summer work placements and her advice for students looking for placements!

Paige Hiley

Paige Hiley

“I had two placements over the summer; my main goal was to work within the entertainment sector but specifically at a record label. Luckily I was able to get a placement at Warner Music Group by chance! I worked alongside the press team of Warner Brothers Records and Parlophone records but I also attended the Atlantic Records meetings. This was the most exciting placement for me, but I wasn’t doing the most exciting things.”


Paige’s work placement tips;

1 | “Look for the companies you would ideally want to work for, so the big companies like Warner, Disney, CNN, Burberry etc. It will give you such a good insight into the companies’ structure and you can ask all the questions you need to about how to get future employment there. That’s what I did and I know so much more now about the record label industry and their employee turnover than I would have ever done if I hadn’t got a placement there.”

2 | “Bear in mind that big companies aren’t going to let you take over an artists or a client account, usually because in their eyes you don’t have the skills; there is a lot on the line if they publish a piece of work from an Intern that is not up to standard. You will get the small office duties tasks but the more you do them to your best ability the more you’ll get noticed.”

3 | “DON’T just sit there waiting for tasks. Use your initiative, ask one of your mentors or a member of the team if they could provide you with some client info and then create your own press release and show it to your mentor for feedback…

4 | …feedback is key, it is the most useful thing I took away from my placement at Warner and from doing so, I have been able to improve and produce work they would consider publishable.”

A photo of the band Royal Blood, which Paige took at the XFM session she worked at.

A photo of the band Royal Blood, which Paige took at the XFM session she worked at.

Paige’s placements;

“Trust me, it wasn’t just a case of e-mail a few companies and I’ll get a placement. I e-mailed so many and rang them up, there were plenty of ‘no thank yous’ and ‘we don’t do placements’ but I didn’t give up. I came across a contact at Warner through one of my favourite bands Facebook pages. I e-mailed over my CV and got a placement. I got my second placement at Twenty7 Publicity through reading a blog post about the director of the company on Behind the Spin, I used that contact to e-mail over my CV and again I got a placement.”

“It sounds easy but it took a lot of work, a lot of tailoring your CV to meet their requirements but don’t give up. You will get rejected and it is a horrible feeling but when you get that first yes it is the best feeling.”

Paige with Royal Blood at their Guardian interview.

Paige with Royal Blood at their Guardian interview.

Thank you Paige, and best of luck to everyone applying for placements!

Solent PR Editor 


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