Solent PR Graduate Interview #2; Marta García-Urgelés

The 2nd Graduate PR interview, and the first one of 2015, is with Marta García-Urgelés. Read on to find out more about how studying PR at Solent led Marta to her current job as well as her involvement in social and news media, events management and her involvement in the PR forum in Madrid!


What have you been doing since leaving Solent?

“After I left Solent, I was hired for a period of two months by Alto Social Analytics, which is a company that provides social and news media analysis to businesses in order to improve their communication strategies. The job consisted of doing PR and Event Management for their participation as sponsors at the World PR Forum 2014, celebrated in Madrid. After that, I was asked to do the analysis of the event’s impact on social and news media, which was my pass to become permanent! I am still working at Alto, of course, but instead of just doing PR, I’m also part of the analyst’s team!”

What would you say was the most beneficial thing you’ve taken from the Solent PR course?

“Learning analysis and analytics, and I never thought I would say this, because as at the time they weren’t really my strength, but if I hadn’t been taught these skills I don’t think I would have succeed with the WPRF’s analysis and wouldn’t had been asked to stay in the company. Also, the communication skills, especially in terms of dealing with people face to face, being confident and speaking out loud, which was all thanks to the many presentations we had.”

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

“Now that I feel secure and happy with my job, I would like to be able to grow within the company and have more responsibilities such as being a team manager. I feel very confident about what we do, as Social Media is the future, however, I would love to do event management in the United States!”

What would you say to current and future students studying the Solent PR course?

“I would say to them: absorb as much information as you can, as it becomes extremely useful when starting your career. But the most important thing is be confident in yourselves, as I have found out that, when you do really make an effort to break that “insecurity barrier”, it finally pays off. Never back down in saying what you think and sharing your ideas, because you never know what could come from them. Do what you think is right in every moment and things will just be put in place.”

What was the highlight of your time at Solent?

“Meeting my friends. They are friends I will have for life.”

Thank you, Marta!

Stay tuned for the next blog post in the PR Graduate Interview series.

Solent PR Editor 


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