Solent PR Graduate Interview #1; Sophie Court

Hello and welcome to Solent PR’s new blog series! Over the next few weeks, I’ll be doing interviews with the recently graduated Solent PR students to reflect on their time at Solent and see what they’re up to now.
For the first graduate interview, I spoke with Sophie Court. Read on to hear about Sophie’s work in Government Communications, her advice to current and future PR students and the highlight of her time at Solent…
Sophie Court

Sophie Court

What job(s) have you been doing since leaving Solent?

“Since leaving Solent I have been working at the Wales Office, a department within the UK Government. It represents Wales within Whitehall and is run by the Secretary of State for Wales, Stephen Crabb. I started working in the communications team in August and on my second day I had to go for meetings in 10 Downing Street about the NATO Summit – intimidating to say the least! I adore my job as everyday is different and I get to work on lots of exciting projects. The highlight so far has been helping with the comms for the UK Investment Summit with Stephen Crabb and David Cameron.”

What would you say was the most beneficial thing you’ve taken from the Solent PR course?

“For me, the work experience placements have been crucial in starting my career. During my time at Solent, I had my first experience of government communications when I did a placement at the DVLA. It helped me find the niche I wanted to work in and start building contacts which have already helped me in so many ways.

When interviewing for my job, I was asked to give examples of my experience within a large variety of PR and Comms aspects. Luckily, thanks to the number of modules on the PR course, I was able to give strong answers to these questions despite the fact this was going to be my first job!

The fact we get taught a wide spectrum of communications methods and skills means that we are at an advantage when entering the job market. We already have the skills, and experience thanks to the live clients, that other graduates have to learn for themselves in their first few years of work.”

Where do you hope to be in 5 years?

“Within the next 5 years, I would like to be working in the Press Office at either 10 Downing Street or the Cabinet Office – I definitely want to stay within government communications.”

What would you say to current and future students studying the Solent PR course?

“I would just encourage them to make the most of all the opportunities available to them and to focus their dissertation on something relevant to the job they want after graduating. I focused mine on government comms and it played a big part in helping me get my first job.”

What was the highlight of your time at Solent?

“My highlight was the working on the crisis simulation during my third year. It was great fun whilst also being a huge learning experience.”
Thank you Sophie! A great interview to start off the blog series 🙂
Stay tuned for the next one…
Solent PR Editor 

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