Solent PR Success for #bestPRblogs

Behind the Spin is an online magazine written for PR students and young practitioners. Every week, editor Richard Bailey, puts together a shortlist of #bestPRblogs that have been posted throughout the week by UK based PR students and this term, I’m very proud to say, Solent PR students have featured in every single Pick of the Week. What a great success for us all at Solent!

Coming up to Christmas and the end of 2014, four of our Solent PR students were chosen for the #bestPRblogs – congratulations Helen Louise Cummings, Susanna Ising, Marica Skevlikova and group blog Ethics Issues Pssm by Paige Hiley, Stephanie Harris, Mathilde Trouillet and Sophie Santandrea.

Below is a list of all the Solent PR bloggers and a link to their PR blogs;

Paige Hiley PR – Paige Hiley


Sanna Is Going Somewhere – Susanna Ising


Live, Love, Laugh PR – Livi Wilkes


Great PRitain – Friederike Rummenhohl


HLCPR – Helen Cummings


Thinking out Loud – Rebecca Shand


Inter PR – Marica Skelvikova


Our Solent PR students blog about PR tips and advice, what assignments they’ve been working on and PR related events they’ve attended, so have a browse through to find out more. I’m looking forward to seeing the Solent PR students’ blogs 2015 has to bring.

Well done Solent PR bloggers!

Solent PR Editor 


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