Solent PR Student of the Month: Abbii Stevens

Christmas is fast approaching all of us at Solent! We’re nearly snowed under (excuse the Christmassy pun!) with deadlines, presentations and pitches, but first year student, Abbii Stevens, took some time off from her work to answer a few questions about what her first term studying PR at Solent has been like.


Abbii Stevens, 1st Year PR Student at Solent

Why did you decide to study PR?

I decided to take PR as I thought it was a good subject to take that was not narrowing my career options, as PR is needed in every aspect of the working environment. The units seemed to incorporate subjects such as Business and English as well as teaching us how to succeed in PR. I also knew that I was good at communicating with all individuals and wished to pursue that.

How did you hear about the Solent PR course?

I knew Solent was a great university which suited my learning style and I looked online and found the PR course. I researched the units and they seemed fun, productive and interesting so I decided that the course would suit me perfectly as I wished to do practical and written work which my modules combine.

What has been your favourite module so far this term?

My favourite unit has been interpersonal communications as I have enjoyed extending and improving my knowledge of sociology and physiology and being able to relate it to PR theory. My lecturer was extremely helpful too!! I have also enjoyed Intro to PR as it allowed me to use the radio station and learn new radio skills.

Do you have an idea of what PR sector you’d like to pursue in the future?

I would love to do sports PR as I have a passionate interest in sports and I feel that more women need to be present within sports! Through working in PR in sports I feel I could help higher the profile of women in sports.

What would you say to any students thinking of applying to the Solent PR course next year?

I would say they should research the course first to make sure the units appeal to them but the course is fantastic and I have learnt so many useful skills already! The people and lecturers on my course are helpful and so friendly, but more importantly PR can open many doors to different careers in the future and it is great to learn interchangeable skills. Potential students will love this course and will not regret taking it!

Thank you, Abbii.

In my first year, I also loved the radio unit – I’d never worked in radio before and it inspired me to do work experience at my local radio station over the Summer this year.

If anything Abbii said about the Solent PR course interested you and you’d like to find out more, leave a comment below and we’ll get in touch!

Solent PR Editor 


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