Solent PR Conference 2014

On Thursday, Solent students and graduates interested in a career in PR were invited to Solent’s first ever PR conference! PR & Marketing industry experts came along to talk to our students and share their advice on how to have a successful career.

Our speakers were;

Ilona Hitel, MD & Founder of CommsCo

Tomasz Dyl, Founder of GottaBe Marketing

Beth Ansell, Lemon Squeezy Marketing

Emma Hazan, Deputy MD in the UK, Hotwire

Mark Stretton, MD and Michelle Williams, Account Director, Fleet Street Communications

The speakers came from a wide variety of backgrounds, from Trade PR to B2B to Freelancing, giving our students an insight into what a career in those sectors is like. The speakers also openly shared their advice about how we can make our careers the best they can be, such as cleaning up your social media pages and occasionally doing a Google search of yourself from Ilona, and being able to nap during the day as a freelancer, but also having to work out finances on your own from Beth. Who better to hear professional advice from than the professionals themselves?!

Here are a few photos from the conference taken by Richard Berry.


Ilona Hitel, CommsCo


Emma Hazan, Hotwire


Tomasz Dyl, GottaBe Marketing

Throughout the conference, students tweeted and posted photos about tips and advice the experts were sharing, with the hashtag #PRConference.

After the talks, there was a (fabulous!) lunch and the opportunity to chat and network with the speakers as well as students in other years. At Solent, we’re taught just how vital networking and making contacts early on in the degree is. The conference was an excellent opportunity for students interested in the sectors our speakers came from to share contact details and find out potential work experience opportunities.

On behalf of Solent, I’d like to thank Ilona, Tomasz, Beth, Emma, Mark and Michelle for coming in to share their experiences, talk about different sectors of PR on offer and spend time chatting with us!

As a student myself, I’d also like to thank Sally Holland, PR& Communications course leader, for organising the conference and arranging such high profile and successful industry experts to speak. I also extend my thanks to the Employability and Enterprise team who supported the event by offering advise on what to include in a CV and cover letter.

Overall, the first ever Solent PR Conference was a great success and I look forward to the next one!


Solent PR Editor 


One response to “Solent PR Conference 2014

  1. It would be useful to include an assessment here about how valuable face-to-face networking with your peers and with PR Pros can be. So much more interesting than reading a blog post or a tweet! PR is still a “people business”

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