Ethics Issues PSSM; a new blog by Solent 3rd year students

You may have seen the recent blog post about a group of Solent 3rd year students who have set up a blog, Disagree With Me Ethics, as part of their Ethics unit assignment. Another group of students, Paige Hiley, Stephanie Harris, Mathilde Trouillet and Sophie Santandrea have also come forward with their blog – Ethics Issues PSSM

On their blog so far, they’ve discussed issues surrounding alcohol – something the majority of us university students can relate to! Later this week, the Ethics Issues PSSM girls will be posting about the ethical issue of Modern Slavery and readers will be able to take a test to find out how many slaves work for them. Paige said: “It’s very surprising how your life style choices ultimately reflect the lifestyle of other people within this modern slavery.”

Have a read and let them know what you think!

Solent PR Editor 


One response to “Ethics Issues PSSM; a new blog by Solent 3rd year students

  1. Reblogged this on PaigeHileyPR and commented:
    Solent PR’s Blog have helped to share the recent issues of Alcohol related deaths, brought up on myself and my fellow team mates Ethics and Issues blog. It’s a very extreme issue and one that can effect many of us, whether its a friend or family member who’s been effected or yourself personally. We’d love to get you involved and engaged with the issue and any comments on the post are extremely welcome!

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