Interview | Author of Destiny of Choice, Mary Jordan

Mary Jordan has had a passion for writing literature since the early 1980s and her narratives have been published since the 1990s. The novel I chatted with her about, Destiny of Choice, was born from Mary’s wish to make the world more aware of human trafficking with women and children. Read on to find out more about where the idea for Destiny of Choice came from and how Mary wants the novel to impact her readers…

Mary Jordan | Author of Destiny of Choice

Mary Jordan | Author of Destiny of Choice

How did the idea for Destiny of Choice come about?

“The idea was born suddenly and the decision came spontaneously, when in my home a young girl found a home; a girl who had experienced the horror of forced prostitution. This was a natural reaction of the story I heard from the young girl. Her confession and need of protection woke up in me the will to tell this story and thus to express my empathy in my own way to stand against the global problem of human trafficking with women and children.”

Destiny of Choice is based on a true story, can you talk a bit about this?

“As I already said, I had a direct contact with this child. Therefore, due to the natural flow of the circumstances, which I would like not to speak, she sought for accommodation and protection at my home. At home, where she stayed for a while and I could hear everything. This terrified me and thus the idea was born.”

What was the writing process for the book like? – the difficulties and challenges you faced?

“I can’t say I have met difficulties! 🙂 In fact, I wrote the book in a very short time-two weeks!

I was writing predominantly at night time, because during the day I was working. I was looking after my three children – It was quite extreme. 🙂 I was writing by hand, I don’t really like typewriters. Hence, it was ready in two weeks. I have not changed or fixed a single sentence. Absolutely at first sight. So, here I can’t say that there was a process of writing. This was an act lightening-like and instant.”

Did you carry out any first hand research into the flesh trade and human trafficking in order to write Destiny of Choice?

“The problem with the human trafficking is enormous. In the world, based on data from the United Nations, every year between two and four million individuals become victims of trafficking. For Bulgaria the statistics suggest 5, 000 to 10, 000. For 2010 the victims of human trafficking have been over 12million, half of whom children!

This is a dirty, horrifying business for billions. The worst things is that the traffic is on an increase. It is terrifying that the culprits rarely go to the court. They are many, and very rich and still they are able to ensure their untouchability. 

I know all this because after writing the novel, I become interested. People in general aren’t informed enough. I was not either, until I bumped into this real case, which gave the push for writing my novel.”

What do you want your readers to take from Destiny of Choice

“I would like my readers to read between the lines of my messages. So, that the danger is everywhere and it should not be ignored. Yet, this happens only when one is informed and knows how to protect themselves.

That, in the family, it is highly important to have interaction and contact with the children, for the family atmosphere to be positive to respect the young individual and to keep to the traditional to the time values, independently from the dynamic, tense and extreme temporary way of life. 

In conclusion, I would like to say that the world is beautiful and blessed for all of us. It depends only on us to live through our lives beautifully, constructively and fully.”

Mary Jordan goes further in her own fight with the flesh trade. She has decided to donate 50 per cent of the royalties to diverse organisations, whose aim is the liquidation of the human trafficking. As a further goal, in front of her remains the creation of a foundation for child protection-victims of abuse. For her, basic care for the society now and forever has to remain as the protection of the child, the small and vulnerable, but so important for the future of the human race.

Thank you, Mary! A very interesting and eye-opening novel.

You can find out more about Destiny of Choice, or buy it, here and follow Mary on Twitter here!


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