A Member of Our PR MA Alumni Becomes a Social Media Star!

Schaefer Marketing Solutions came up with a list of ’70 Rising Social Media Stars’, and one of Solent PR’s alumni, Steven Woodgate, was featured! The list was created to “celebrate amazing people who do not normally show up on lists. I wanted to find the (dramatic music) Future Gurus.” You can find the whole list here!

Steven Woodgate

Steven Woodgate

 Steven Woodgate (Microsoft) — A determined and resourceful community manager pushing the social media envelope for Microsoft UK with small & medium businesses.

Follow him on Twitter @StevenWoodgate or on his website!

Steven told me:

“I graduated from Solent in 2012 with a MA in PR, worked for Avery Dennison at a Digital Communicator for 4 months before using social media to get my job at a London agency (33 Digital) and then was seconded to Microsoft. They liked me so brought my contact and and have been there for the last 18 months.” 
“I work as a Social Media Manager, mainly looking after our commercial accounts. I have been in many perception changing campaigns, including: Uncompromise, Windows 8, Giant Surface, Office 365, Takes Less, Talking Business, etc and have been involved in some real high-level planning.”
“On a personal note, I have been luckily enough to be picked as a Marketing Academy 2014 Scholar (covering all communications) and now been selected as one of the 70 Rising Social Media Stars by the world renowned Mark Schaefer.”
Thanks, Steven! I wonder who the next Solent PR Rising Star will be…
Solent PR Editor 

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