Need a more creative CV? Why not turn it into a video cv!

Let’s be honest, it’s hard to show your full creative talents and experiences when they’re just written down on a boring old piece of paper…so it’s time to introduce the Video CV, otherwise known as VCVs!

In careers where it’s important how you and your personality comes across, like PR, VCVs can show off your presentation skills and your enthusiasm, even better if you’re looking to work in the digital sector!





Second year PR student, Paige Hiley, talks about a VCV task she was set for one of her uni assignments…

Paige said: “The task was to create a video CV tailored to ourselves on factors we would want an employer to know about us. We had to make it creative and fun and something someone as a future employer would want to watch again and again and would want to employ you. To make it creative was to bring a Paper CV into the 21st century.”
“As technology is everywhere nowadays, having an online video CV that many people can watch without you having to send it out can really boost your networking.”
“I wanted to aim my video as being solely creative. I wasn’t sat down talking to the camera because I can do that to the employer in an interview. I thought about the fact that this way, using a childhood game and images of myself and previous work, helps to act as a video portfolio of my CV. I chose a song that related to the employer watching, wanting to ‘get to know me better’ and adding in childhood photos relating to my future career can show a long dedication to PR.”
Here is a link to Paige’s finished VCV!

To find out a bit more about Paige’s PR world, check out May’s Solent PR Student of the Month here!

Livi Wilkes

Solent PR Editor 


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