Today is the day!


Today, the “eBook in a Day” Project takes place at Southampton Solent University. This event is managed by SSU’s PR degrees and by the MA course leader Catherine Sweet. Each MA PR student, along with undergraduate PR students, will be working on a specific chapter related to the new technological innovations that the new generation of PR professionals will be working with to connect and empower the dialogue of organisations and their stakeholders.

The “eBook in a Day” Project was planned over a month but will be constructed in a single day; today, and will be published by Solent Press. The eBook gives the possibility to PR students from all over the U.K. to participate and gathers many PR professionals that will participate to the project during the day.

Today, the group working behind the Solent PR Blog is the Content Curation team. We will be reblogging 25 PR student blog posts from all over the U.K. and some, maybe, from outside of the country. All the posts will be about “The future of PR is public”. During the day, Richard Bailey, from Behind the Spin, will be choosing 1 post as the “Best PR Student Blog post”. Bethany Ansell, who is the guest editor of Behind the Spin this week, will also take a look at the reblogged posts on the Solent PR Blog.

As this project is all about engaging the public through new technological innovations, the Content Curation Team will be using social media more than ever to make PR student bloggers from different universities and different countries aware of the event.

Let’s the competition begin!



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