Future of PR


Many people think that PR is a soft working area. A lot seem to think that companies easily could work without this, especially because there are a lot out in the world who doesn’t know what PR is used for. When you google it, it says that PR is something about press releases and stuff like that, and this may have people thinking “well, nobody does those in print anymore, everybody uses the internet these days, PR must be easy to cut out”, but what google does not say, well at least in Danish, is that PR uses a big part of the internet. Almost every company in the world is digitalized today. They all have different platforms to use online ex websites, blogs and social media account, which today makes it a lot easier for the company to reach their audiences and consumers. But this digitalization is very important for the PR areas, there is suddenly a lot more platforms to cover, many more posts to write, a ton of new media to reach, and this is a good thing for the future of PR and PR employees. In the earlier days, there was only the printed material to use like sending out a press release to 3 different major newspapers, and you wouldn’t have any idea how many or who would read the written article, or you could send out pictures and also not be sure who would be exposed to them. The internet has made PR much more important and will keep on getting more important in the future, as we are only in the beginning of all companies using the internet. We need some people out there to manage all the digital platforms, all the printed ones and people who knows who to expose it to and how to measure if things are done right. PR is going strong, and I certainly think is will keep on going strong, and will only be more and more important for the companies in the future.


From TRINE FORSBERG LARSEN, University of Southern Denmark, 3rd year Bachelor of Arts in Business Communication, English and Marketing


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