E-Book in a Day – The Day So Far!

When I walked into Solent Creatives, Catherine Sweet was most certainly correct when she told me; ‘Welcome to the mad house!’



The second and third year PR & Communications students have already been working on their E-Book in a Day Project for four hours and it’s proving stressful, but successful (mainly to do with 45 people over-loading the wifi!). With motivation from CIPR President, Stephen Waddington, Richard Berry and Catherine Sweet, I’m excited to see how it turns out!

Each team is in charge of a chapter of the E-Book and have to write 1000 words and include images and references. Here’s a bit about what the various teams have been up to so far;


Connecting with former PR students to find out where they are and what they’re doing in their careers now.


Engaging students and employers via Twitter about PR interns.


Reaching student bloggers and invite them to write about The Future of PR


Setting up a live treasure hunt exploring recognition, competition and rewards.


Working with CIPR Wessex group members to decide criterion for PR Student of the Year and attracting entries.

Visual Mash-up;

Building assets, a network and engaging PR practitioners to create a visual expression of PR

Face to Face;

Interviewing practitioners via Google Hangout and Skype about their careers and the future of PR


Integrating an AMEC valid metrics measurement framework as a planning and measurement tool for each chapter and the overall book.



Steve Waddington, Catherine Sweet & Solent PR Students hard at work!

All around the room, there is people rushing around, people with their heads buried in their laptops or their phones yet a lot of motivational talk! Keep it up!

Solent PR Editor



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