5 internship opportunities you may not have considered

The time for internships is upon us…here are some great ideas for places to start! Whether you’re about to start a PR degree or if you’re 1st, 2nd or even 3rd year, internships are a great way to network, secure contacts and even get jobs!

Women In PR

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An internship with a high-profile agency is practically every PR student’s dream.

The chance to learn new skills and connect with important contacts makes reaching for that prime agency spot a major goal for a number of public relations hopeful, but sometimes, for whatever reason, that agency internship simply doesn’t come through.

No need to panic. There are alternatives, some of which many students don’t often think about:

University marketing: A university, just like any other business, needs to market itself. Campus recreation, the office of the chancellor, the athletics department, and campus publications all need interns to help with communications. Interns will learn all things social media, copywriting and marketing, and build their resumes along the way.

The university news service: PR pros need to know how to engage in media relations, and universities depend on a positive image and a…

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