Are Social Media Sites a Zoo of Publicity Stunts?

Really interesting and needed to be shared.

Intuitive Mind

The internet slowly seems to be taking over the world and the public relations industry too. The number of publicity stunts appearing on social networking sites keeps growing. Facebook and Twitter are home to millions of them but they are not always noticeable to everyone.

Competitions as Advertising

You’ve all seen these competitions when they say “like this” or “share this” to win ‘blah blah blah’. We all love a competition but really we are just sharing the Facebook page to all of our Facebook Friends. We are providing companies with free advertisement for one of the thousands of people sharing to win a prize. The number of people who like the page to enter the competition is bound to make it worthwhile!

Customers Fuelling Publicity

I’m sure you’ve seen either witty comebacks from a company, or cute letters from kids, or funny comments on a social network page.


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