Undergraduate PR bloggers? This is for you!

Undergraduate PR Bloggers

You might have heard (or maybe not yet) that the Southampton Solent University’s PR students and Catherine Sweet are managing the “An eBook in a Day” Project on 26 March 2014. In a nutshell, the eBook will have 1 introduction, 8 chapters on different topics and 1 conclusion that have to be written and gathered in a single day. This project aims at bringing PR students – not only from Solent but also from different universities around the U.K. and even around the world –, PR professionals, teachers and alumni together to re-define the new generation of PR professionals as being confident about using the new technological innovations to connect and empower the dialogue of organisations and their stakeholders.

On the day, I will be managing the “Curation” chapter of the eBook. To be able to make this chapter a success, I need all the undergraduate and postgraduate PR bloggers to write a blog post about “The Future of Public Relations is Public”. This can be written by SSU’s undergraduate PR students or by any other university’s PR undergraduates. The posts have to be sent to 1korud26@solent.ac.uk between 8am and 1pm on Wednesday. The ones that are selected will be posted on the Solent PR blog. However, only 1 post will be selected by Richard Bailey from Behind the Spin as the “Best PR Student Blog Post”.

So again, you have nothing to lose but a lot to gain as on your CV and on your LinkedIn profile, it just makes of you someone that has participated to a PR Blog competition –and trust me that rocks and makes the difference!

Don’t forget, the event takes place on 26 March 2014 –yes, in a few days – and if you are a blogger, I need you and I want you to participate and to send me your post. Lets make this fun!


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