LinkedIn Talk From Roan Fair

This week,  Roan Fair, Digital Marketing Executive at Intergage, came to talk to Solent PR about how to get the best out of LinkedIn. Intergage is a full service digital agency who specialise in Web Design, Social Media, SEO and more. This post will share with you the main areas Roan talked to us about.

It’s All About Business

The 4 ways to grow a business are; advertising, PR, cold calling and word of mouth. LinkedIn gives businesses an easy way to do all these things; cold calling becomes warm calling as you’re able to easily introduce yourself by saying you’re connected online and word of mouth is a lot more efficient – it’s all through your computer!

Why LinkedIn?

LinkedIn offers a platform for  both business looking for new recruitment and people looking to be recruited! It also makes way for warm introductions and relationship management.

Building Your Profile 

Having an up to date profile will help you with getting the most out of LinkedIn. Here are a few of the important things to have on your profile;

  • A professional profile photo
  • Show your industry and location
  • Have an up to date current position and description
  • At least 2 past positions
  • Minimum of 5 relevant skills
  • Ask for endorsements
  • Link to Twitter/blog/website
  • Join groups and get involved with their discussions

Grow Your Network 

Your connections have their own connections, who have their own connections – network, network, network! Invite people via email and search LinkedIn to find people you may know. Connect with your colleagues and classmates – who knows what connections they might have in the future, you may just get a job through them!

Be Careful! 

Social media sites regularly update their privacy settings so frequently check that they’re set to what you think they are!

Stay Visible 

Stay on your connections’ newsfeed; do status updates (but don’t spam!) sharing interesting and relevant information. Join groups and discussions, show yourself to be an expert in your field.

Promote Your LinkedIn

LinkedIn can be used as an online CV, ensure your profile can easily be found. Put the link as an email footer, on your blog and Twitter and on business cards.

Many thanks to Roan for a very interesting and helpful talk!


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