Content Curation, the new trend online!

Content Curation

Content Curation

You probably wonder where I found that word and what that means. If that even means anything. Don’t you worry; I wouldn’t bother writing a post about Content Curation if that weren’t a must-know term, most of all for PR and journalism students.

I discovered the meaning of Content Curation a few days ago to tell you the truth and I didn’t know how important that was before I started my researches. It took me a while to understand what it really was all about but now that I know that Content Curation is the new online trend, you need to know what it is and I will tell you all about it in this post without being boring or too long.

The best definition that I found online is given by the Macmillan Dictionary that says that Content Curation is “the process of analysing and sorting Web content and presenting it in a meaningful and organised way around a specific theme” (Definition source: When I first read it, the idea of Content Curation was still a bit confused in my mind. So I kept researching and realised after a while that I actually knew what that was without knowing the name of it. Let me tell you now that you also know what Content Curation is but you just had never heard of the name before. Yes you do!

Let me explain it to you. Content Curation happens around 1 topic and is about discovering, gathering, “mix-matching” and rearranging ideas, pictures, videos, articles or even games (and many more probably) to get something original in the end and share it with your public. The examples are various but the most famous ones are BuzzFeed and 22 Words. If you don’t know anything about the 2 examples that I have just given to you, discreetly go check what it is about because you should know them.

Now that you are smarter – yes, you have just learned a new term! – it is time to Content Curate! Why can I hear you think? Well because Content Curation is the new trend online as I told you before and knowing and practicing it will make of you someone original – plus, on your CV and on your LinkedIn profile it just rocks. And you don’t want to be a déjà-vu, do you?

Have fun!










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