“An eBook in a day” Project

eBook SSU PR Students

“An eBook in a day” Project

On Wednesday 26 March 2014, the students of SSU’s PR degrees will manage the “An eBook in a day” project. The MA PR students will each have a chapter to cover with a team of BA PR students.
The eBook will contain 8 chapters in total that have to be planned and prepared in advance to ensure the success of the project. The eBook will cover 8 chapters focussing each on a different topic:

– Networking

– Crowdsourcing

– Co-Creation

– Gamification

– Curation

– Visual Mashup

– Face-to-face

– Measurement and Evaluation

The following are the pitches addressed by the MA PR students to the BA PR students on the chapters on Gamification, Co-Creation and Curation.


Please follow the Dropbox link below:


Please click on the link below to have access to the PowerPoint Presentation

Don’t miss out the event! Together, we are stronger and smarter and we can make this eBook more than just a success!


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