Solent PR Taster Day

Every year, prospective PR students (PR & Comms, Advertising, PR & Sports Journalism and Social Media) are offered the chance to come along to one of our Taster Days.

The day is very relaxed and informal; students receive a mini lecture and a mini workshop from some of our faculty members then offered some (free!) lunch and a chance to chat with one another, as well as some of our current PR students.


After lunch, students are put into groups and given a ‘Donut Brief’ and then present their ideas to the rest of the group…and yes, free donuts are also involved!

The Brief

Client: Acme Baking Company

Product: Acme’s Low Fat Donuts

Advertising objectives: To generate sales of Acme’s new Low Fat Donuts

Target audience: All carbohydrate addicts who love their donuts too much to give them up but are also conscious that too much of a good thing is bad for their health and would like to cut down. They normally tuck into their donut with the words… ‘I’m starting a diet tomorrow’.

The single minded proposition: Acme’s Low Fat Donuts have only half the calories of the average donut but taste just as great.

Support: The ingredients and processes used to make these donuts mean that they contain half the normal saturated fat and sugar content.

Media: Posters/Press/Social Media


If this interests you and you’d like to find out more about any Solent PR courses, leave a comment and we’ll be in contact!


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