On The Campaign Trail

One of the great and perhaps most daunting aspects of the Solent, MA degree is its practical side. As part of the course, a student is required to find a client and run a PR campaign.

This is a fantastic opportunity to gain real-world experience of everything from convincing a client, that you’re worthy to deliver the desired results, to coming up with a project that could really make a difference to both the company and its customers, all while receiving the guidance of tutors who know the profession, inside and out.

But if that’s not enough, here are a few quick tips to help you brace for that all-important campaign.

Work in a Team

The course gives you the option to choose how you want to do things, whether you be a loan wolf or team player, it’s up to you. With that being said, if it’s your first time, working in a team allows you to feed off each other’s various skills and experiences. While it’s true that team work can come with a clash of personalities at times, having someone by your side can offer a fresh perspective on all kinds of ideas and problems.

For those wanting to go it alone, you will at least have complete control, the client, notwithstanding of course, over your vision and direction for the campaign. Doing things for yourself will most likely allow you more flexibility as you don’t have to worry about things like group meetings, and achieving that all-important group consensus.

Get Ready for the Workload

When making your decision, as to if and how you’re going to work together, always keep in mind that the workload is intense. You will have to balance essays, lectures, job commitments not to mention the campaign itself. While it’s not essential to have a super flash campaign, as the reflective analysis carries the weight of the unit, nobody likes to do a poor job. In short, be prepared to sacrifice long hours in the library and perhaps say goodbye to that beloved social life.

But It Look Good on Paper!

So you and/or your group have thought up this amazing and flash campaign that will ‘ change the world’ and now all that’s left is to put it into practice. Easy right? Wrong logistics can be an absolute nightmare, whether that be dealing with health and safety or that unexpected red tape block. Speaking from personal experience, you should set aside 3 to 4 to get everything set up. This should give you just enough time, to snooze the people you need to set your campaign in motion, clear health and safety and just generally give you enough to wriggle out of tight spots, without having to run around like a headless chicken. And whatever you do, never ever assume anything. Assumptions as a well-known expression implies often leads to mixups, stress and wasted time.

Always remember when in doubt sorted out.

So after all that, there’s just one more piece of advice for now…. Have Fun.

Though you can expect hard work, long hours and the occasional argument, an interesting client is important because at the end of the day if you can’t have a little fun while you’re at it, what’s the point?


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