Planning, Thinking, Writing, Handing in!


Us students know how it feels like to have an essay to write on a certain topic and for a certain date but still having a lot of other projects going on and not being able to start writing for that essay.

We start panicking, stressing out and we think that it is impossible to get everything done on time. The first solution that comes to mind is to give up on one of the assignments or projects to be able to hand in the other ones on time. The second solution that we think about is to try to get a “pass” for each one of them (it could work with enough luck). Then, our subconscious reminds us that “it is bad, BAD” to think so and even worse to do so! So we panic even more and think that it is the end, that we are going to fail. That it is just impossible.

Well, let me tell you that it is possible. It is hard, very hard but not impossible. Trust me!

The first thing to do is to make a list with the assignments and the deadlines. Then, take the first 3 and see what it is all about. Once this is done, try to make a small plan with the research you need to undertake and start writing a small draft. Finally, you start writing them, from the first to the third.

We are all different and, as a result, we all work differently and that is very important to keep that in mind. Some of us might be able to deal with 3 assignments and some others with less or more than that. You need to find the way – YOUR WAY – to get your assignments done and get more than just a “pass”. You can make this happen! Come on!

This year, thanks to the University of Southampton Solent and, most of all, thanks to Catherine Sweet, I learned how to deal with a job and more than 2 assignments at the same time. I actually became a multitasking person, which was something that I would have never thought possible before.

As Ketchum’s representative told me at the Public Relations Show 2013 in London “Never forget that things are hard but not impossible”. This small sentence that he told me that day truly changed how I see things today.

Give it a try!


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