This week is Green!



Have you ever thought of biking instead of driving? Or biking instead of using public transports? Or even better, biking instead of walking?

I know that I have almost lost you with my 3 questions but hold on! I promise that there are many, many advantages in using a bike. You probably already know some of them and you may be thinking that there is no way I can make you change your mind. Again, hold on!

Summer and beaches seem a long way away from our grey, rainy and windy winter. We all know that time flies though and that warm and sunny days will soon be there. You must be wondering where I am going with this. Well, the first benefit of biking is that it makes you lose more calories than walking and, as such, helps you getting fit and healthy – and ready to rock the warm sandy beaches.

Then, once you have a bike, as it is a cheaper method of travel than using public transports or a car, it is time for you to save up some money that you can spend on whatever pleases you during your summer vacation on the beach. This is the second benefit of using a bike.

Finally, I am sure that you want to look cool and help the planet get better by reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Don’t laugh! Yes, cool matches pretty well with biking and makes it even cooler when it is for a good cause. The third benefit of using a bike is that it makes of you a cool and responsible person.

I am sure that you are now – at least –considering biking to university once because we know that it is good for you and for the environment, and that it is cheaper and faster.

This week is the opportunity for you to see all the advantages of biking, all the possibilities that the city council and the university offer you and how it is actually fun to use a bike once you know more about it.

Come say hello, ask your questions, and participate to the many activities proposed during Green Week 2014!

Where? East Park Terrace concourse and the quadrangle.

When? Between Monday 3 and Friday 7 March 2014.



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