Small Graduates and a Big World of Work

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Finding a job, nowadays, is not a barrel of laughs and can turn out to be a horrible and a long journey.

The pressure of finding a job after graduation is high. Very high. Many questions arise and stress us even more: Where should I apply? How should I apply? Am I qualified enough? Is my CV good enough? What if I don’t have enough experience? What if I don’t find anything? I believe that those questions are common to almost all of the students that are in their last year of university. Additionally, knowing that thousands of students all over the U.K. will also be applying brings the pressure to an unbearable level.

The University of Southampton Solent proposes many advice and tips through its online portal and has a team –Employability and Enterprise – that you can contact and that helps you with your CV, cover letter and even interviews.

That is true, none of us really know where we are going to end up after graduation – and in my case it is even worse as I apply in different countries – but the best way to maximise our chances to be where we would like to be and, most of all, to do what we would like to do is to start from the beginning and have the best CV and cover letters possible by asking the Solent Employability and Enterprise Team for help and advice.

Good luck!




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