Southampton, would you be my Valentine?


When I first arrived to Southampton, I remember falling in love with the parks of the city. That is incredible how beautiful a place can be when nature and buildings live in harmony. I learned later that, in fact, Southampton is one of the greenest cities in southern England and as such the paradise for nature lovers, photography fans and “chill moments” amateurs.

Southampton’s city centre gathers so many activities that you can enjoy. Personally, I love starting a day with a typical English breakfast and then get a book and read it while drinking a coffee at Waterstones. Then, as you can find many restaurants that boast cuisines from all around the world, I pick one for lunchtime and another one for dinner. In between, I enjoy shopping at WestQuay and the little delights that you can find on each floor of the shopping centre. After dinner, it is time to enjoy the cinema or the theatre before heading to one of the many bars that you can find in the city. I love the fact that everything is within walking distance in this city.

Also, for the ones of you that like travelling – which definitely is my case – Southampton is only over an hour from London and close to Bournemouth, Portsmouth and Winchester. It is actually very easy to go anywhere from here either by bus, train, ferry or even by plane from the nearby airport.

And now, think about the fact that the University of Southampton Solent is located in the heart of the city centre. Yes, I definitely made the right choice by deciding to study at Solent and I realise how lucky I am to be here and to enjoy the university and the city together.


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