5 Reasons Why Every PR Student Should Blog!

As a current, or soon to be, PR student you’re probably aware of the high competition in the field. Need a way to get noticed? To make your voice stand out above the rest? Then blogging is the way forward for you. Not only  will it enhance your writing skills, it will also act as an online CV and help you network with other PR students and practitioners.

So here you go, 5 reasons why every PR student should blog;

1) It allows employers to see what you’re like in the ‘real world’. They’ll be able to find out far more about you than with a list of your previous employment history when you made tea and slaved away at the photocopier for hours on end. (Not that these aren’t worthwhile life skills; everyone needs to start somewhere!)

2) A blog shows dedication and hard work. A blog doesn’t become perfect overnight, it takes time and a lot of effort to maintain. This shows your employer that you care about what you do and can persevere with something even if it’s not easy.

3) You’re keeping up to date with the digital world. In the PR industry, digital communications is well and truly on the up. Having a blog shows your employer you’re competent with the world wide web, and having your twitter feed on the front page is a bonus – showing off your savvy hasthtagging skills. (Unless you hashtag about your wild night out at Oceana – that won’t go down as well.)

4. Blogging will improve your PR skills. Blogging involves writing…PR involves writing…you’re improving your PR skills by writing about topics interesting to you. How handy! Video blogging is becoming more and more popular. If talking to a camera is more your thing – go for it!

5. Get inspired! Blogging leads to finding other people’s blogs which leads to coming across interesting features/ideas you’d never thought of. Being able to bring plenty of fun, innovative ideas to your employer’s table will most definitely get you in the good books!

As students, blogging might just seem like more work but once you find something you have a passion and interest in to write about, it becomes a hobby that may just cinch you a job!

Happy Blogging!


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