From Degree to Masters, Making the Step up

From Degree to Masters, Making the Step up

Congratulations, you’ve probably completed a degree in some field, let’s say (for the sake of bias) in Public Relations and are now looking to make the next step. So let us say for the sake of argument, because this is a University blog that brave next step involves doing a Masters.

You may be wondering what it takes to go from bachelor to MA student. Is it like going from Sunday league football to the Premier league or is it more like a leisurely Sunday stroll? Well, let’s find out, Shall we as we take a look at some of the key differences between a degree and a Masters.

Free Time To Pay The Bills

 While we can’t speak for every university, here at Solent, the MA courses traditionally take place on one day a week.

This allows you the opportunity to go out and win that metaphorical bread without having to worry about lessons, spread over multiple days. The good news is you can even apply for jobs here at Solent through such sources as job shop and the graduate scheme.

While these ventures aren’t likely to make you rich, they will certainly keep the cash flow moving and help pay off those pesky life expenses.

Summers Cancelled

When Cliff Richard uttered the line. “We’re all going on a summer holiday,” if he had been a Solent student. It would have read where all going on a summer holiday, being sure to work on my dissertation to.

Okay, so he might not have written that, but nevertheless , unlike in the good old days of BA, where you could sit and enjoy the great British summer without a care in the world, at Masters level, It’s dissertation time.[Sorry about that]

Just to add to the mix term timetabling is just a tad out of sync with the rest of the uni but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

No Student Loan


While at first glimpse a Masters spread over one or two years may appear cheaper, it’s important to bear in mind that the money comes out of your pocket. That’s chiefly because while finance England are perfectly willing to fund a BA degree. Their generosity stops short of Masters students.

SFE do, however, still cater for those that require academic support.

But it’s not necessarily bad news because even though the government can’t fund you, you may, depending on your circumstances, be able to seek grants from various different schemes and charities, just get on your favourite search engine and take a look.

It’s All about You


If you’ve been in an academic setting before then, you’ll doubtless have heard the phrase self-directed learning.

This roughly translates as you going away to discover sources for yourself as opposed to having the tutor, suggest books that you don’t ever actually read. The Masters take this self-directed journey to the next step.

With more free time on your hands, you can bet you’ll be expected to do a whole lot more, whether that be reading for a discussion or working with a group to run a campaign, you will always have plenty to do.


It’s Harder

Yes, this may seem obvious, but even so it only seemed fair to warn you.

While it can be challenging and not to mention tiring with 9 to 5 days, coming as standard, there are benefits.

Within the public relations MA, you begin to get the opportunity to not only use theory to backup your argument, but you get the opportunity to  challenge existing and create new theory that fits your scenario.


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