PR and Solent

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When I decided to study Public Relations at Solent, people kept asking me what it was all about. To be honest, I didn’t really know myself and giving them an accurate answer was really complicated. Thus, they all thought that it was not really different than communications, media and journalism that I had already studied and as such not worth it.

Today, after a bit more than 4 months at Solent, I know what PR encompasses and I know how different it is from what I studied before without actually being really different. This may seen complicated to understand but that is the reality.

There is currently no universally accepted concept of such a discipline and I won’t try to define PR myself because each person sees it from a personal point of view and through personal experiences.

PR is a field that involves leadership, communication, listening, problem solving, writing and speaking skills. It includes issue management, crisis management, project management and many more. PR, because it is a broad industry that contains a lot of knowledge and many skills and qualities, scares people.

However, the way it is thought at Solent showed me how right I was to choose the MA in Public Relations and most of all how smart it was to do it at Solent. This unique method combining theory and practice taught me so much in less than 5 months. Also, the teachers giving the possibility to students to participate to events and to several projects definitely helps us getting ready for the real world of work and adds value to the CV.

PR, because it is an industry that does not have specific boundaries, because it is a field where many skills and knowledge meet, because it is a growing sector, and finally because it is wonderfully thought at Solent, should be considered, without a doubt, as the studies leading to a wide range of opportunities and jobs.



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