A crisis simulation like no other


Wednesday 15th January was a busy day for BA and MA Public Relations Students as the so waited crisis simulation took place at Solent. This event that had been advised and promoted as the “must participate” activity by previous PR graduates has been a real success this year as well. It has gathered BA and MA students, teachers and previous students, each one allocated to play a role during the crisis simulation to make it as real as possible. The 5 PR groups with 1 PR manager each, the journalists’ crew, the IT room, without forgetting the angry students reacting to the crisis situation were all part of the crisis simulation. 

Stress and anger – without forgetting hunger –were part of the Wednesday 15th January as the crisis simulation lasted from the morning until the sunset, around 6 pm. As one of the BA students said to her classmates: “my brain is tired of too much thinking”, it was the proof that this crisis simulation was a real success as a real crisis is more than exhausting.

Catherine Sweet, who has coordinated the event, has again thought her students a lot by giving them the chance to participate to such an interesting and enriching activity. This was, in fact, the possibility for students to make use of their knowledge and apply it to a crisis look-alike situation. All of the members that have participated to the crisis simulation at Solent know now the challenges they have to face during a real crisis.


The crisis simulation is definitely a must-(re)do event for next year and the coming ones with more participants and a crisis topic worse than this year’s. 


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