The PR show 2013


The PR Show 2013 that took place in London last November was the unmissable event the MA PR students wanted to attend. Organised by the CIPR, the London PR Show was the occasion to meet some representatives of big PR companies, to talk to practitioners, to learn more about this industry that is in constant evolution and to ask questions about the available job opportunities.

The Solent MA PR students, joined by third year BA students and by Catherine Sweet – course leader – have been active throughout the show. Two missions were in fact guiding the day:

1.) Network and discover – the learning part.

2.) Take pictures and interview people – the practice part.

The PR Show 2013 was, for Solent PR students, not only a way of learning more about the PR field but it also gave the opportunity to network with the PR companies that exist and the people that already work in the PR industry.  

 This event was a real success and it definitely has to be in the agenda for 2014!



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