What Makes A Good Leader?

A post wrote by student Paige Hiley


Recently in my Management Communications unit of my degree, we have been discussing the terms of a good leader. What makes someone a good leader? Are they born with that strength? Or are they made and developed into one?

Dominic Walters, a communications consultant, came into our lecture today to discuss these questions further. He came up with the idea that not only are people able to become leaders but some are born leaders. Take Martin Luther King for example; I’m pretty sure he didn’t have a PR team when he gave us that iconic ‘I have a dream…’ speech. It came from dedication and the main thing a leader needs ‘focus’.

One big key factor that a leader needs, is the ability to communicate. Without communication there wouldn’t be any leadership. I was given this quote today that says Internal Communications is ‘Translating policy into activity through people’. What…

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