SolentPR and FivebyFive provided briefs

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As part of their course the SolentPR group were given briefs – provided by FivebyFive – to create one-year retainer campaigns for the CooperVision UK & Welches brands using digital PR and social media.

For CooperVision the objective was to raise awareness of the contact lens brand with the consumer online, while building and engaging a relationship with social communites and driving traffic to For Welches the objective of the campaign was to raise awareness of the grape juice brand online, build engaged social communities and driving traffic to

The students were asked to create proposals to an industry standard which included:

  • Evaluation of the target audience
  • Recommendation of where to find the target audience online
  • Strategy for activity timings
  • Recommendation of key digital PR and social media tactics to utilise
  • Thoroughly developed examples of how the recommended tactics would work
  • Recommended budget allocation

The students got valuable feedback from people within the industry which is great for the courses students, we’re lucky to have FivebyFive on our side who’ve shown a real keen interest in student development.


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